Arsovski: The Government knew there would be a crisis in recent months and spent EUR 2 million


SDSM is a direct culprit that the state and citizens cannot cope with the economic crisis, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski told a press briefing on Monday.

“Although they knew there would be an economic crisis, they did nothing. They did not envisage anti-crisis measures that were supposed to alleviate the crisis that the citizens are currently feeling and living. Instead of anti-crisis measures, in the past few months after knowing that there would be a serious economic crisis, the Government continued with unproductive spending. For example, they have spent 2 million euros on lavish things in the past few months. Only yesterday we presented that over coffee, golden cutlery, hotel accommodation, telephone services, cut flowers were spent over half a million euros. For example, the Zheleznici company, although on the verge of bankruptcy every month of the year, again spent over 7 million denars for office supplies and conductor bags. Although if someone asks the employees there, they will say that maybe right now they do not need the bags and that there was a previous purchase, i.e. that it is more important for them to receive a regular salary,” said Arsovski.


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