Former Government Secretary General of does not feel guilty and does not understand the accusation legally, prosecutor claims he broke the law for personal gain


The accusation is semantically clear to me, but not as a legal act. I absolutely do not feel guilty, said Dragi Rashkovski before the court in the introductory statement at the first hearing against him.

After two delays due to the expiration of the mandate of the prosecutor in the case Ivana Trajceva, the words introduced in the courtroom are taken over by her boss Vilma Ruskovska who will present the introductory words in court and explain what the former Secretary General of the Government Dragi Rashkovski and 6 other defendants are charged with.

“In this procedure, through evidence, we will convince the court that the defendant Dragi Rashkovski irrationally and unproductively spent the public money for cameras, booths, some of which are not in the Government premises and no one has an explanation. We will prove that he abused his position for his own personal material purposes,” said Prosecutor Ruskovska.

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