Pendarovski-Borrell: The new geopolitical reality indicates the need for region’s integration in the EU


President Stevo Pendarovski met Monday with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell, who started his visit to Macedonia with a meeting with the President.

President Pendarovski assessed the visit of High Representative Borrell to Macedonia and the region as a confirmation of the EU commitment and support for the Western Balkans, especially in light of the new geopolitical reality in Europe.

President Pendarovski underlined that the start of accession negotiations for the country is a test of the credibility of the European Union. With the new geopolitical dynamics, we are not talking about speeding up our process, given that Macedonia and Albania have a decision to start accession negotiations from the Council of the Union in March 2020. He called for swift implementation of strategic decisions regarding enlargement policy.

North Macedonia, said President Pendarovski, has proven to be a credible partner of the European Union and its further blockade on the opening of accession talks, along with Albania, is unsustainable.


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