The country is in stagflation, 6.7% inflation and reduced economic activity


6.7% inflation and reduced economic activity, with Kovachevski the country is in stagflation, reads the press release of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

“In January, the inflation rate was 6.7%. In the past year and a half, fuel prices have increased by almost 100%. While the prices of basic groceries such as flour, oil, bread, etc. and up to 70%. And while prices are rising, wages and pensions are not rising. Kovachevski and SDSM refused to increase pensions by 20% immediately, and instead proposed a 5.5% increase from September. Kovachevski is against the increase of the salaries in the public sector, and there is no help for the economy either. Instead of a 50% reduction in fuel excise duty, the government is reducing it by only 30%,” the opposition party said.

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