VIDEO | Prilep Forest Police has not had a vehicle for 3 months -firewood thieves roam free


For three months, the forest police in Prilep has been left without a single vehicle with which the forest police officers go out on the field. The vehicle is defective, and it is unclear what is waiting so long to be repaired. At the moment, a huge region of the municipalities of Prilep, Dolneni and Krivogashtani is left at the mercy of the firewood thieves who without this in the past years have made a real desolation in the Prilep area. Now there is no one to prevent this crime, the 13 forest police officers in Prilep are not doing anything at the moment.

The forest police in Prileprefuses to make a statement to the media, but the police officers say that they were waiting for a trend for vehicle repair and they hope that it will be completed soon. They admit that the wait is too long and that one vehicle, as well as 13 forest police officers are not enough to cover the region, but for decades the state has not heard about this. They say that in this period, when they do not have a vehicle for their activities, they had some cooperation with the regular police in the region.

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