The war between Russia and Ukraine is horrifying, but the Macedonian Government has no answer how to protect the citizens’ interests and the economic standard


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Kanal 5 TV’s “Samo Vistina” political show on Tuesday expressed concern about the situation in Ukraine and stressed that he regretted that he was not able to do more, but stressed that he was more concerned about the current economic situation in the state for which the government has no strategy and plan how to deal with the crisis and protect the economic standard.

“I am really sorry about what is happening there and I am really sorry for the people there and for what they are experiencing, because at the end of the day we all have people there who are losing their lives, their homes destroyed, their infrastructure destroyed and these are the consequences of the war and that is bad things that are happening there and I really regret that I can do nothing more than express a kind of regret, said Mickoski, and added:

“The consequences of the crisis, in addition to the loss of human lives and destroyed homes, are huge for the economy, and the economy is essential for the lives of people and it will normally reflect on our lives and the lives of our fellow citizens. Unfortunately, somehow the government fails to get out of that self-righteous matrix and try to say more to the people to get closer in solving the problems of the people and less to turn to itself and solve its own whim for power and privileges but that’s what it is, and we as the opposition need to work to change things for the better,” said Mickoski.

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