SONK requests harmonization of salaries, will decide on the next steps based on membership position


Negotiations with the Government to harmonize the salaries of employees in kindergartens and education with the increased minimum wage in the country and with collective agreements are without results, said the Independent Trade Union for Education, Science and Culture. The Council of SONK will convene on Saturday and conclusions will be made for future steps based on the messages and expectations of the membership of SONK, which is revolted, said the President of the Union Jakim Nedelkov.

At a press conference on Thursday, Nedelkov informed that they had meetings with the line ministers in the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and continued the negotiations in the Government, but there is no concrete answer to SONK’s request or offer of a percentage of harmonization or salary increase in education and child protection. According to him, the biggest legal offense is in the field of child protection where ten different jobs, according to the collective agreement, are equalized and will receive the same salary, in primary education it is about five, and in secondary for four jobs with different coefficients and different job complexities, and will receive the same amount of salary.

Nedelkov announced that the Economic and Social Council in the Government, chaired by the Prime Minister, will be discussed by Wednesday at the latest, where SONK will be invited to attend. He stressed that SONK is constructive and understands the positions of the Government given all the crises and therefore will use, as he said, all possible union means for talks and negotiations to exercise workers’ rights adopted by acts that are not respected.


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