Minister of Labor assures that the self-employment measure gives excellent results


The self-employment measure, following the data from 2018 until now, gives a good result and most of the companies that have been formed with the support of this measure are sustainable, said the Minister of Labor and Social Policy JovankaTrencevska in an interview with Radio Free Europe, regarding with the sustainability of the companies formed through the measures of the Operational Plan for active measures and programs of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, whose implementer is the Employment Agency.

The minister informed that the percentage of activity of these companies so far is 74.2%, and of the companies that were established in 2019, 82.3% are still active. While for companies formed in 2020 and 2021, according to the data, they have an activity of high 99.8%.

Minister Trenchevska also spoke about the legal solution with which Sunday is a day for weekly rest, its practical application and respect for it. She pointed out that, according to the data from the State Labor Inspectorate, which controls the legal solution week-day of weekly vacation, most of the employers respect the legal solution.

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