The country collected 46.4million euros in 2021


As a Government, we are developing modalities and opportunities for how much and whether it is possible to reduce toll prices. From that aspect, we are developing modalities that will be sustainable, said Minister of Transport and Communications Blagoj Bochvarski Wednesday evening.

The minister pointed out that the tolls to Tetovo and Gostivar will be worked on in order to achieve fully electronic toll collection, which will reduce the share of the human factor.

“In 2015, the project for reconstruction of electronic tolls began. We are already working on Corridor 8, the toll to Kumanovo has already been reconstructed, we will work on those to Tetovo and Gostivar in order to have fully electronic toll collection which will reduce the share of the human factor in this process,” said Bochvarski.

The minister says that the model with the vignettes is not fair enough.

“The model is not fair enough with the vignettes because the vignette is used by the citizen who travels every day to a certain destination and uses more roads, than someone might charge with the registration of the vignette, i.e. travel tax, and at the same time they may not uses public roads. It is a fair model for those who travel more to pay more than someone who uses only local roads,” Bochvarski said.

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