Andonovski: After the Government signed the agreement with Bulgaria, the identity problem arose


If we allow ourselves to enter a contest of power, a contest of age as nations, then we run away from the basic law of international relations that every country is equal in the international legal order if it is recognized by the United Nations, said Stefan Andonovski, Secretary for VMRO-DPMNE’s International Cooperation during a debate on the “Analiza 24” political show on TV 24.

“The problem with our representatives is that we do not know the views of Macedonia and what we want from these negotiations with Bulgaria, nor what is the goal of our Macedonian side. We have a problem with identity issues with Bulgaria, and the cooperation in other areas existed before the good neighborly and cooperation agreement of 2017, but without any request from Bulgaria to the Macedonian language and history,” said Andonovski.

Andonovski stressed that if the EU made more serious political pressure to resolve these issues and Macedonia to start negotiations with the EU, then this percentage of anti-Western sentiment in Macedonia would be lower, because we would directly see the benefits of that.

“If we had started the accession talks with the EU, we would have seen the benefits. On the contrary, we had delays in vaccines and a weak political response of the EU in our European integration. If we start accession talks with the EU, we would now have more help in this crisis period from the EU member states,” Andonovski noted.

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