Diaspora included, Macedonians make up for 62% of the population, Albanians 29.5% – TV 21 finds out primary results of the population census


We are four days away from the announcement of the results of the Population Census.

A TV21 finds out from sources in the Statistical Office some of the results regarding the number of resident and non-resident population. Unofficially, we find out that 1 million and 800 thousand citizens live in North Macedonia. Diaspora included, there are 2.1 million citizens, which means that about 300 thousand live abroad. The total number of citizens who have a social security number is 2.5 million.

Regarding the ethnic communities in the country, according to the information we received, out of 1.8 million residents, about 63 to 65% are Macedonians, about 29.5 Albanians, and 10-12% other communities living in the country.

The percentages vary if those living in the diaspora are included in the total population, as provided by law.

With the diaspora included, according to unofficial sources, Macedonians would make up for 60 to 62%, Albanians 29.5%, and members of other ethnic communities between 8 to 10%.

It is not known whether these figures provoked the statement made a few days ago by the director of the SSO Apostol Simovski, who said that he would be declared an “enemy of the state”.

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