Osmani: There is progress in the negotiations with Bulgaria, but we are still far from a common ground


Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani says that there is some convergence of views with Bulgaria, but, as he emphasizes, not to the position of saying that a common ground has been found to overcome differences. He points out that it is important to find a solution that both sides will be equally satisfied and dissatisfied with so that the country’s EU integration process can continue, which, he says, is extremely important now, especially in the context of new geopolitical developments and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Osmani stressed that at the last meeting with the Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov he discussed the political process, and all the details of the issue, all its aspects.

“At each meeting there is some progress or some convergence of views, but I still cannot say that we are in a position to say that we have found a common ground to overcome differences as further, because then as we have promised to come to Skopje to we inform the public. So we are not in that position yet, although I think that such frequent meetings give a clearer picture of both sides on how to move forward in the process,” Osmani said at a regular press briefing.

He reiterated that our position is within the framework of the Resolution adopted in the Macedonian Parliament. The contours or lines through which we can move are clearly drawn,” said Osmani.

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