Elmas: We must not miss such a chance, we are 90 minutes away from our childhood dream!


The national team of Macedonia has completed the last training on Skopje and this afternoon will travel to Portugal for the barrage final for the World Cup. Eljif Elmas and Tihomir Kostadinov return to the team, who were suspended and did not play in Palermo with Italy.

“Honestly, this may be one of the toughest matches, the most exciting for all the players we are here. We have 90 minutes to fulfill our childhood dream, not only ours, but the dream of the entire country. We just have to know that we must not miss the chance and we have to die on the field to be able to reach Qatar. It will be a very different match than the one in Palermo, because Portugal individually I think is of better quality. I would like to, but they know that we are in the final and they must not underestimate us. It will be different in every aspect, this is the final and we are 90 minutes away from the two national teams from the World Cup,” said Elmas.

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