Prime Minister Kovachevski sends away national football team and promises a premium of 500,000 euros


Prime Minister of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovachevski, before the departure of the Macedonian national football team for Porto, showed up on the plane of the national team to wish them luck and sent the football heroes to the final battle for the World Cup, on Tuesday against Portugal at 8:45 pm.

Before leaving, Kovachevski got on the plane of the football players and promised them a premium of half a million euros, as an additional motivation for the clash with the favored Portuguese

“You are the brightest stars of Macedonia at the moment, the whole of Macedonia is waiting for you on the square, and the government will gladly set aside a reward of 500,000 euros for qualifying in Qatar. This also is a success so far. I do not know how, but defeat the Portuguese. I know you can,” Kovachevski told the football players.

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