SDSM’s lies come to light – Nowhere in the GRECO Report is there a recommendation for promotion in the MoI without criteria and 3 steps at a time, says Kovachki


 The lies of SDSM and Oliver Spasovski popped again like a soap bubble, Dragan Kovachki from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE said at Sunday’s press conference.

“Here is the GRECO report and recommendations. Nowhere in the recommendations is there a direction for the minister to be able to be promoted by 3 places at once. SDSM and Spasovski again with their lies and deceptions, hiding behind alleged recommendations, insert destructive solutions in the laws. These are harmful solutions that instead of being in function of preventing corruption and partisanship, they are a catalyst for them. By destroying the career system that was built with the help of the EU, i.e. by legalizing the promotion of employees without criteria by 3 steps at once, corruption in the high ranks of the Ministry of Interior is STIMULATED and partisanship is performed to the lowest levels of the ministry. In this way, a person appointed as a security district guide in a police station with the rank of junior inspector will be able to be directly appointed as a police station commander. Or secondly, a person – independent inspector, employed in a sector of the Department for Organized Crime in the Ministry of Interior, which has Departments and Sectors, overnight, with the signature of Spasovski will be able to be appointed head of the entire Department, i.e. to become the head of all previous heads of departments within that Department with several hundred people. Spasovski is obliged to explain to the Macedonian public why people without the necessary competencies and experience will take care of the safety of the citizens and whether these are the European values ​​they stand for. Such a harmful legal solution does not exist anywhere in Europe,” said Kovachki.

SDSM sets precedents for the future and they will have an impact on the professionalism and interpersonal relations in the Ministry of Interior, and thus on the security of the country, Kovachki added.

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