Stoilkovski: How did Kaevski go from a modest house to an illegal hacienda with a pool with a director’s salary?


Darko Kaevski, the youngest millionaire within the ruling SDSM, has been silent for several days and does not answer any questions, how at the age of 30 and with an administrative salary for less than 3 years of management he manages to acquire a new apartment and build a luxury house in Volkovo in the same year, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski told Sunday’s press conference.

“But, it is even more interesting that Darko Kaevski, just like his fellow party members, did not answer whether there are documents for the construction of a luxury villa, a hacienda with pools in Volkovo. The internet tool Google Maps shows much more than what Kaevski wants to hide from the public eye. This is the plot in Volkovo, property of the Kaevski family until September 2020, when Darko Kaevski, from the director of the Agency for Youth and Sports, became a SDSM MP. This is a building that is legalized, it is a modest house of less than 40 square meters and a garage. And it was legalized in 2014. And so it is until September 2020, when the satellite has recorded exactly this condition. This is what the tool shows, i.e. that a change occurs in October 2020, when everything disappears and the whole plot becomes a construction zone with machines, and the legal facilities are gone. In order not to have them, there must be an approval from the municipality for demolition, and that approval is part of the building permit. We asked Kaevski several times directly for a building permit, but he refused to give any answers,” said Stoilkovski.

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