Two dialysis patients receive a kidney from a deceased donor


At the Urology Clinic, the second of two kidney transplants was completed in the early morning hours, after the family of a young boy with brain death agreed to donate the organs late Saturday night. In addition to the kidneys, the team of the Orthopedic Clinic performed bone tissue implantation.

“Two young patients with kidney disease who were on dialysis got a chance for a new life. Several more patients with malignant diseases and traumatic injuries, who are being treated at the Orthopedic Clinic, will have the opportunity to have healthy bone implants in the coming weeks,” said Health Minister Dr. BekimSali.

This is the second transplant since the beginning of the year and the 12th since May, 2020, after the Transplant Program of the Ministry of Health was expanded in the area of ​​multi-organ transplantation.

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