Lavrov: Macedonia is involved in the war with sanctions with an ultimatum and threats


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Serbian media that Montenegro and Macedonia were embroiled in a war of sanctions.

“They were attracted by the promises of rapid rapprochement with the European Union. That did not happen. They were involved in NATO, in anti-Russian actions, in anti-Russian campaigns. Then they ‘tapped them on the shoulder’ saying ‘guys – you are great, keep up the good work’. This is a serious problem. The EU’s reputation and the real goals of its policy in the Balkans are at stake. In my view, the United States has handed over the Balkans to the European Union. They are completely satisfied with the aggressive anti-Russian line implemented by the EU.

“We never impose anything by force. The West is trying to impose its will with the force of economic pressure, threats, blackmail, ultimatums that if you want to enter the European Union, you must take an anti-Russian line. This is not decent. You cannot behave like that in society, at home, with friends, or on the international stage,” added Lavrov.

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