Macedonia has no functional firefighting aircrafts


    The country faced huge forest fires last summer, burning thousands of hectares of forest. The reluctance of Macedonian institutions to deal with this situation has led to calls for help. The institutions failed in the performance of their duties, so teams from several countries came to the rescue and showed their readiness on the ground.

    The Directorate for Protection and Rescue says that they have three aircraft “Air Tractor” AT-802A which are not in function to perform specialized operations, i.e. extinguishing forest fires.

    “The first serviced aircraft of the three aircraft we own is expected to be handed over at the moment. The other two aircraft were supposed to be serviced 10 days ago, but due to a technical defect in one of them, their departure was postponed until the arrival of the spare parts and removal of the defect. The aircraft were planned to go in tandem due to the observance of safety conditions for flying over a larger body of water,” says the SSO.

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