Number of employees in industry drops


Reduced number of workers in the processing industry, textile sector, mining, in the energy sector has been reported in 2022. Optimism for post-pandemic economic recovery has melted. The private sector has faced problems since the beginning of this year, reports Portalb.

The number of employees in the industry in January this year compared to the same month last year decreased by 2.4 percent. Businessmen deliver first estimates for expectations this year – number of employees in the processing industry will decrease.

In February, according to the Employment Agency, 127,037 unemployed – active job seekers and another 50,395 unemployed – passive job seekers were registered. Trends show a decrease in unemployment, but in some industries that absorb a large number of employees and are directly affected by the new economic crisis, there is a decline in the number of employees – in the processing and energy sector, in mining, textile industry.

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