Zakharova: Skopje wants to “break down” bilateral relations with Russia


 Moscow will be forced to take reciprocal measures after the expulsion of diplomats from North Macedonia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said the decision by North Macedonia was a hostile move and a continuation of the course towards a “dizzying breakdown in bilateral relations with Russia”.

“By joining the Russophobic hysteria started by the West, Skopje has reaffirmed its readiness to recklessly sacrifice sovereignty and make decisions that are contrary to public sentiment and contrary to basic national interests. We will be forced to take reciprocal measures,” Zakharova of the Russian Foreign Ministry has said.

This comes after our Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Sergey Baznikin, who was handed a diplomatic note, pointing out five employees of the Embassy as undesirable or persona non grata and must leave the country in the next 5 days.

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