SAO determines improper operation of AD ESM for a sum of EUR 21.5 million


The State Audit Office (SAO) published the report of AD for production of electricity “Power Plants of Macedonia” in state ownership Skopje (AD ESM Skopje), which concluded that from 2011 to 2020 a significant amount of funds were invested in projects that have not been completed and equipment that has not been put into use.

As announced by the SAO, for the realization of the projects and procurements, contracts were concluded and a total amount of funds in the amount of 1.3 billion denars or about 21.5 million euros was paid.

“Some of these projects and procurements refer to the implementation of the Integrated Computerized Business Information System – BIS, provision of equipment for the improvement of telecommunications and networking, provision of goods from the “system for monitoring the movement and measurement of coal quantities and measuring the activities of mechanization for PE “Rudnici” in REK “Bitola”, HPP “Boskov Most” – construction of a dam and formation of an accumulation, “Lukovo Pole” – preparation of a project project for renewable energy, construction of a new administrative building – Business building of AD ESM Skopje, ” informed the SAO.

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