MKD 18,000 minimum wage starts April 1


As of April 1, 80,000 employees, our fellow citizens, workers in various industries and industries, receive 18,000 denars minimum wage according to the latest legal amendments to the minimum wage from March this year, said the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.

“The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia in dialogue with the business community, trade unions and all stakeholders in the past period has reached an agreement to increase the lowest wages, and a methodology has been established with which it will continue to grow. It is defined that the amount of the minimum wage must not be lower than 57% of the average wage. This means that the increase of the minimum wage in the future will be possible without additional interventions and we expect that very soon, it will exceed the current agreed amount. “In addition, the state will subsidize the part related to contributions, which facilitates the process for all stakeholders,” the press release reads.

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