Justice Minister: I’m among the few who insisted on paying for the Palermo match


Definitely the question, both as a professor of criminal law and in relation to the codes of ethics of holders of public office, I categorically reject that there is a type of responsibility. There is nothing ethical in this, says Minister of Justice Nikola Tupanchevski about the trip to the qualifying duel between Italy and Macedonia.

“I did not travel with security or budget funds, nor with an official vehicle, nor did I use my diplomatic document. How did I get on the plane to Palermo? I asked FFM to give how they choose the people who accompany the Federation. These are written and unwritten rules from higher institutions, in this case UEFA and FIFA. The national football team always organizes such trips. Why me? The selection is made by FFM. The delegation includes over 200 people besides the traveling football players. I am one of the few who insisted on paying. Before traveling, I looked to see if there was anything that was in conflict with the code of ethics,” says Tupanchevski.

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