No one dares to give a fixed price for electricity for a longer period of time, says Angjushev  


There is no other way to provide cheaper electricity at this time except at market price on the stock exchange, due to the large fluctuation of prices, said the Macedonian Energy Association President Kocho Angjushev.

“The Macedonian economy consumes 400 megawatts of electricity. If someone wants to provide an annual price or have annual contracts for a year with fixed prices, the only possibility to do it is through the stock market, but to work through the stock market it is necessary to buy electricity a year in advance. We must be aware that for the Macedonian economy to be able to guarantee the price or to lend it at a fixed price in advance, a fixed amount of about one billion euros is needed today. But there is no entity that can provide that. That is why everyone offers HUPEX prices and provides electricity related to payments that reduce the suppliers to brokers,” says Angjushev.

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