NO to saving on the backs of citizens’ health “- civil protest against cutting budget money for HIV patients


Under the slogan “NO to saving from human health”, a civil protest was held Monday at the initiative of 14 member associations of the HIV Platform, the ESE Association and the Women’s Initiative from Shuto Orizari, due to dissatisfaction with the Government’s attitude towards health.

“The Ministry of Health has cut the budget for the HIV protection system by as much as 40 percent, which directly endangers human health and could fuel the HIV epidemic. This means the exclusion of several thousand citizens and their families from the health and social system, the increase of the HIV epidemic, the loss of human lives, but also the multiplied costs of treatment in the next 5 to 10 years. Due to the cuts, the door has already been locked to some of the centers that offer services for marginalized and disadvantaged people and the already built facilities will be irretrievably lost, thus throwing into the water the previous domestic and foreign investments that kept the HIV epidemic under control,” said Heidi Shterjova Simonovikj from the HIV Platform.


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