Without domestic production of electricity, the price will depend only on the stock exchanges


There is no other way to provide cheaper electricity at the moment, except at the market price of the stock exchanges, due to the large fluctuation of prices, said the President of the Macedonian Energy Association (MEA) Kocho Angjushev, and added: “No one dares to give a fixed price for a long period of time and such a situation will continue for some time. Until practically a situation is created in which it will be possible to offer electricity from own production. Only manufacturers can give a guaranteed fixed price in a certain period, everything else is problematic.”

According to Angjushev’s statement, as reported by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, the Macedonian economy consumes 400 megawatts of electricity per year. If one wants to provide an annual price or have annual contracts for one year, with fixed prices, the only option is to do it through the stock market.

The MEA head explains that, at this moment in conditions of growth and daily differences in the price of electricity on the stock exchanges, the companies that have a significant share in the price of the product are not affected by electricity, such as metallurgy, where electricity participates with about 40 to 50 percent. or in the metal industry, where the share is about 15 percent, but also in other significant activities that have a serious share in the domestic economy and GDP creation.

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