Ad for self-employment, internship and employment published for the companies and the unemployed


The Employment Agency published the first public advertisement for the measures from the Operational Plan for active programs and measures for employment and services on the labor market for 2022. Unemployed persons and employers starting Tuesday will be able to apply for the measures – Self-employment, Internship and Employment and growth of legal entities.

The Employment Agency informs that for the measure Self-employment, due to the great interest, financial means have been provided for opening their own business for 2000 people. The financial support for one person to open his own business is 307,500 denars or up to 615,000 denars if two spouses start a company.

Through the Internship measure, 1620 young people up to 34 years old will have the opportunity to enter the labor market and gain practical knowledge in a particular job. The persons will receive a monthly allowance in the amount of 9,000 denars, including insurance for disability and physical injury caused by injury at work and occupational disease and personal income tax for a period of up to three months.

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