Official Zagreb closely monitors the events after the death of a Croatian national in Skopje


The scandalous reaction of the Macedonian Ministry of Interior to the initially published information about the death of the Croatian handball player Denis Tot in Skopje worried part of the Macedonian public who are convinced that the department led by Oliver Spasovski tried to hide the murder, but caused anger and rage in Zagreb.

Representatives of the Croatian authorities, who insist on anonymity, expect an immediate reaction and a solution from official Skopje for the murder of the Croatian citizen. Croatia expects not only to find and punish the killers of the young handball player, but also to sanction those who tried to hide the murder.

Otherwise, Croatia could use the EU mechanisms in the “Justice and Home Affairs” chapter and, in the worst-case scenario, join Bulgaria in vetoing the start of Macedonian negotiations with the European Union. Zagreb’s concerns, which acknowledge that the EU veto is, however, only in the realm of theory, were preceded by a series of contradictory information about Tot’s murder.

For official Zagreb, the contradictory information is enough to be concerned for its citizens in Macedonia, but also for the observance of the procedures by the government that wants to enter the EU. How official Zagreb and friendly Croatia will behave now and whether they will implement the worst case scenario with the possibility of a veto in the EU now depends primarily on the Ministry of Interior and the authorities in Skopje who must sanction the murderers and those who tried to hide the murder, even if it is Minister Spasovski himself.

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