Politicians should stay away from thetrade unions


When asked by the media about the announced numerous strikes and protests, and the statements of the unions a lot of pressure, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said that he was informed by the media that there are such pressures and said that politicians should stay away from trade unions.

Mickoski pointed out that politicians should lead politics and lead Macedonia forward, and not interfere in the work of trade unions, and can give support or express support for trade unions.

“They could have given support or expressed support to these trade unions. Our position as a political party and my personal position is that we give unequivocal support to the union for manifesting revolt and defiance for the realization of their own rights. We talked about opening the Pandora’s Box, it is already open and it is unlikely that it will close. Now the employees in the kindergartens, primary and secondary schools are protesting, the civil servants are on strike, the family doctors are on strike and soon everyone will be on strike, practically everyone is on strike. A strike is announced in the post office, a civil aviation agency,” Mickoski said.

The opposition leader added that the disintegrating state arrests the secretary of government for taking bribes, has reasonable suspicions that there are “a bunch” of such criminal cases, and the Minister of Justice on the open stage manifests that we have a captive judiciary, a prosecutor sits on the left and the right sitting judge.

“Should something else happen to Macedonia so that these politicians come to their senses and finally go to early parliamentary elections. I know that they are afraid, I know that they know nothing in life except the privileges, the red thick carpets, the leather armchairs and to practically abuse the suffering of the people by spending their money,” Mickoski stressed.

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