Kovachevski: In light of the war in Ukraine, EU enlargement is a geostrategic issue


The consequences of the Russian invasion and the war in Ukraine, both economically and energetically and geostrategically, the country’s readiness to face new challenges, the European perspective through the prism of these developments, said Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski in an interview with MIA, given during participation in the Seventh Economic Forum in Greece.

Prime Minister Kovachevski led the Macedonian delegation, and in a conversation with the MIA correspondent, conveyed the impressions and messages from his first participation in the forum, where the dominant topic was the world after the war in Ukraine.

“In light of the developments in Ukraine and Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, the enlargement of the European Union to the countries of the Western Balkans is no longer just a matter of enlargement, but also a geostrategic issue,” the PM said.

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