Union members claim: Our wages are not enough to cover our own expenses, we need financial aid immediately


SONK membership in the last four or five months, i.e. since November is in crisis, inflation in this country has gone much higher than it officially says, from energy to food, and our salaries are not enough to cover our own costs, says Vitomir Lazoroski , President of the school organization of SONK for Karposh in an interview with TV Telma’s “Top Tema” show.
Asked how much was the salary in primary education, Lazoroski said that he is a teacher in primary education, with a work experience of over 20 years and receives a salary of 27,500, adding that the state has left them on the verge of survival.
“I can only talk about my job, I have over 20 years of experience and I am not a class teacher, just a teacher in primary education in mathematics and physics, and my salary is 27,500 denars, if we look at the average salary in the country, and if we look at the average salary in the public sector, which is very small, it turns out that private employers care a lot about their employees, and the state as the largest employer has left us out to dry,” said Lazoroski.
“What we need is financial aid, and we want it now!” added Lazoroski.

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