Kovachevski says he had food poisoning, but neither did he have food, nor did he break protocols


Government spokesperson Dushko Arsovskiat a press conference on Wednesday did not answer specifically how it happened that Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevskihad food poisoning and ended up at the Infectious Diseases Clinic, despite the mandatory safety protocols that must be observed, even when it comes to food.

To the unofficial information that Kovachevski had food poisoning at the Economic Forum in Greece, Arsovski replied that the Prime Minister neither ate nor moved outside the protocols during this period.

“As in all events attended by officials, measures are taken to check the safety and security of food and beverages consumed by people. The prime minister neither ate nor walked outside the protocols during this period,” the government spokesperson said.

Arsovski pointed out that the head of the prime minister’s office also had food poisoning and suffered milder symptoms, but not from the forum in Greece. In this case, too, he did not specify exactly where it happened.

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