Police arrest primary suspect in the Denis Tot’s murder


Following the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Interior also informed about the arrest of the primary suspect in the murder of the handball player Denis Tot. -A.J. (28), the primary suspect for the criminal act of murder of Denis Tot Wednesday night (13.04.2022) at around2 am was taken to the Skopje Prison Penitentiary to serve the detention measure, determined by the competent court. He was wanted on a warrant or Order – XL KO. no. 1211/22 from 12.04.2022 of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Skopje due to reasonable suspicion of having committed the crime Murder under Art. 123 from the Criminal Code of RNM, say from the Ministry of Interior.

According to the Ministry, after intensive measures and activities were taken to find and detain him, the person turned himself in to the police officers from the Operational Search Team in the area of Aerodrom at around 01.20 am.

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