SSM demands linear salary increase of at least MKD 2,806


A linear increase of all salaries in the public and private sector of at least MKD 2,806 in net amount will be the main request of the Federation of Trade Unions at the upcoming May Day protest. The trade union activists will start the protest on May 1 in front of the building of the Trade Union, after which it will continue in front of the Parliament, the building of the Organization of Employers and the Chamber of Commerce and will end in front of the Government.

“We need bolder, more intense and faster reactions to overcome the problems, to increase salaries by MKD 2,806 in the net amount of all employees in the private and public sector, as well as to create new visions and perspectives. We urge the Government to be more productive and determined in acting to increase workers’ wages,” reads the SSM press release on Wednesday.

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