Nedelkov sends a letter to teachers, they reply: Don’t you even think about accepting less than 18.4%


SONK President Jakim Nedelkov sent a circular letter to the regional units of SONK, regarding the Government proposal received at Saturday’s meeting with the Prime Minister and several ministers and asked for the membership to be pronounced, said one of the teachers who participated in the strike.

“Mr. Nedelkov, we, the members of SONK, barely agreed to deviate from the maximum requirement – respect for the Collective Agreement, bearing in mind that the increase of teachers’ salaries by 18.4% is the red line from which there is no deviation. Now it turns out that the increase of 18.4% is the maximum demand and the negotiations will turn into ‘’we’ll take anything you have to offer” kind of deal. As never before, the membership is consolidated and unanimous in its demands. You have the support of all employed teachers in the country and there is no need for consultations for any negotiations under the red line. Everything else below 18.4% is getting crumbs and buying time. Otherwise, you, as the president of SONK, lose the trust of the membership and a space for doubt is opened,” one of the teachers warns the SONK head Jakim Nedelkov.

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