30 hours after the event, the Ministry of Interior claimed that there were no signs of physical assault on the handball player


Oliver Spasovski has been increasingly involved in the scandal of covering up the murder of handball player Denis Tot. Here is a chronology that confirms that, very precise, according to the dynamics that the institutions of the system did, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski.

According to the information available to the general public, the handball player was beaten to death at 3 o’clock on April 7.

According to KARIL and the Emergency Center, on the same day, April 7, in the early morning hours, a “suspicious thing” was reported to the Ministry of Interior in a patient who was admitted to them.

Additionally, on the evening of April 7, the media reported on the beating of a young handball player.

But in spite of ALL THESE ALLEGATIONS, the Ministry of Interior on April 8, via an official statement sent to the media around 10 am, says that there were no signs of physical violence.

“Mind you, the Ministry of Interior of Oliver Spasovski after 30 HOURS of the event, after all reports from the Clinic of Suspicious Affairs, after all media reports, dared to say that there were no physical injuries to the dead handball player,” said Arsovski and added:

“According to the description and the report, the Ministry of Interior had to investigate and determine what happened, especially since there were recordings for that that the public still saw. The silence of the Ministry of Interior lasted for 30 hours. Only after the death of the handball player, the Ministry of Interior came out with a different conclusion.”

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