About 90% of Debar lambs exported to the Italian market


The Debar lamb is almost sold out, and the price this weekend reached MKD 190.

About 90% of Debar lambs will end up on the Italian market this year. So far, a total of 15,000 have been exported, which is 70% of the total fund in Debar and CentarZupa. Part of the sale was realized in Croatia, and something was sold in Greece and Bulgaria, said the president of the association of cattle breeders “Dashi”, SkenderAme.

According to Ame, the export started badly, with a low purchase price, but now it is slightly better.

“About 90% of the lambs were exported to Italy. The ransom started badly. We sold the first 50 percent of the quantities at 160 denars per kilogram of live weight. Now the situation is a little better. The price reached 185 denars, and for the weekend 190 denars. There is not enough lamb, so the price increases,” says Ame.

Ame believes that the real price of lamb should be at least 250 denars per kilogram.

“Livestock food is more expensive, corn by 100 percent, and alfalfa by 120 – 130 percent. The price of raw materials has doubled. Last year a kilogram of corn was 10 – 11 denars, and now it is 22 denars. Cheese cans cost 75 denars, now they are 170 denars. One sheep requires a kilogram of corn and a lamb 500 grams,” added the farmer.

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