Media news agencies become a new member of SSM


The Trade Union of Media Information Agencies (SMIA) is a new member of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia. The request was unanimously accepted by the Presidency and the Council of SSM as the highest bodies.

“SSM as the only representative union in the public sector and in the private sector always stands in defense of workers and expresses its views publicly and transparently and stands and fights for all workers in all sectors including the sector of Media Information Agencies which is recognized and from the Trade Union of Media Information Agencies – SMIA. Due to the need to protect the workers in Media Information Agencies, SSM along with the Trade Union of Media Information Agencies – SMIA will always stand in defense of the labor rights of journalists and employees in the media, and workers will be able to freely express their views together with SMIA and SSM to exercise their rights,” said SSM.

Members of SMIA can be persons employed in the activities of the media sector and other activities, and SMIA is a voluntary and independent organization that fights for the realization, promotion and protection of economic, social, labor, professional and other rights and interests of its membership.


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