Kovachevski and his favorite trade unionist Dimovski are trampling on teachers’ rights


Kovachevski and his favorite trade unionist Darko Dimovski decided to simulate social dialogue, and in essence to sabotage the legitimate demands of SONK and KSS, this is another example of how law and truth are destroyed and the rights of teachers and workers are violated. Teachers and educators do not need the crumbs thrown by the government’s favorite trade unionist, but a real increase in accordance with the Collective Agreement in education, reads VMRO-DPMNE’s press release on Friday.

The party points out that by respecting and harmonizing the Collective Agreement, the salary for a trainee teacher will increase from 22,764 denars to 41,256 denars, or the salaryof 24,782 denars will turn to 45,054 denars per teacher.

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