Kovachevski knew and allowed the formation of the “Vancho Mihajlov” club, everything else is a farce


Kovachevski knew and allowed the formation of the club “Vancho Mihajlov”, everything else is a farce organized after the people raised their voices against it, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Saturday.

“Kovachevski has nothing against the “Vancho Mihajlov” club, he allowed its formation, and knew about the arrival of Petkov for the opening of the club. The PM was silent for 5 days, hoping that the reactions of the public would calm down. After the Government saw that the people would not allow fascism, Kovachevski came out to act out concerns in a pre-recorded video. Instead of acting as a concern, Kovachevski should ask for written guarantees for the Macedonian identity, language and history,” says the opposition party.

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