Dissatisfied members of SONK gather in front of the union headquarters


Following the decision of the Trade Union for Education, Science and Culture (SONK) to put the strike on hold Friday afternoon in front of the headquarters of SONK, members of the union gathered last night expressing dissatisfaction with the latest decision.

They say they are very surprised by the decision of the union leader Jakim Nedelkov.

“We are here to express revolt, we are the base, we are SONK, and he is our leader and he is obliged to come and explain why he changed the decision,” said the dissatisfied members.

Some of them stressed that as of Friday (today) they will not hold classes.

The SONK’s decision was made after they received a notification from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy that the Ministry of Education and Science is ready for a peaceful settlement of the dispute.

The SONK stated that they must respect the law and that if appropriate solutions are not found during the peaceful settlement of the dispute, they will reactivate the strike.

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