Census 2021: Three percent of the total population has dual citizenship, 37 percent of them have a Bulgarian citizenship


About three percent of the total resident population in the country has dual citizenship. Most of them, about 37 percent, in addition to Macedonian, also have Bulgarian citizenship. Half of the people with dual citizenship are young people aged 20 to 34 and the active population aged 35 to 49, according to data from the 2021 Census, published today by the State Statistical Office.

Out of the total resident population, 1,778,725 people are citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, 53,201 are citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia and another country, 4,203 are citizens of another country only, and 584 people did not have citizenship.

It is interesting that, while men have more dual citizenship, 30,003, than women, 23,198, citizens of another country living in our country are more women, 2824, than men, 1 379.

According to ethnicity, most of the citizens with dual citizenship are Macedonians, 58.8 percent, there are Albanians, 16.04 percent and Serbs, 10.7 percent.



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