Parents of children with special needs stage protest In front of Parliament


Parents of children with disabilities on Friday protested in front of the Parliament, because the MPs did not vote on the amendments to the Law on Child Protection a few days ago. They demand an increase in the special allowance, but also the one for other people’s care, which now amounts to 5,000 denars, and by law should have been increased to 100 percent.

The MPs from the government voted against the Draft Law, submitted by the Left, for increasing the special allowance from 5,021 denars to 10,042 denars, the special allowance for a single parent with a child with disabilities up to 26 years, from 7,531 to 15,063 denars, and the special allowance for materially insecure parents, who are beneficiaries of guaranteed minimum assistance for children with disabilities up to 26 years, from 6,276 denars to increase to 12,552 denars.

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