Zaev’s company received a non-refundable grant of 1.4 million euros


“Trgoprodukt”, the most famous company owned by members of the family of former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, received a non-repayable grant of 1.4 million euros from the IPARD program through the Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development, reports

The company from Strumica Dabilje, which deals with the purchase of fruits and vegetables and owns the brand “Mama’s”, on April 21 received a payment of 86,608,249 denars. This amount follows as participation in an investment project and is the second largest given as a grant in the history of the agricultural fund after working with IPARD programs.

The financial support for the user DPOZ Trgoprodukt DOOEL is 86,608,249 denars for procurement of equipment for reception, processing and processing of agricultural products and equipment for filling, closing, pasteurization, packaging and labeling of products, i.e. 75% EU share in the amount of 64,956. 187 denars and 25% national share in the amount of 21,652,062 denars, says the explanation of the Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Annually, the agency awards about 500 grants for investments realized by legal entities and individuals, and there are up to 90,000 applicants.


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