Dimovski: We cannot be your slaves seven days a week, we will block everything


“There is no work without money”, “Salary increase by MKD 2,806, immediately, for everyone”, “We can live without moneylenders, bosses and bankers, without workers we cannot”, “Employment contracts for an indefinite period of time”, “Stop mobbing” , are just some of the messages that could be noticed at the May 1st -Labor Day protest of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM).

“Employers and bosses, we cannot be your slaves seven days a week. We will block everything and very easily this protest will turn into a strike, which means interruption of work during working hours. If we suffer damage, you will also suffer damage,” said the SSM President Darko Dimovski at the protest, once again addressing the demands of the unions for a linear increase of 2,806 denars in all wages in the country and withdrawal of the decision for “Sunday non-working day” by the Constitutional Court.

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