VMRO-DPMNE challenges Kovachevski to snap elections – Check your legitimacy among the people


VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski once again called for snap parliamentary elections.

“Come on, Kovachevski, gather your courage and schedule elections, check your legitimacy among the people, check your integrity, so we can see what the citizens think and what they will say about you. Let’s see what the people think about your hypocrisy, about your policies, about your inability as a government to deal with crises because at the moment it is worse than the worst when Zoran Zaev was in power. To see what the citizens think about the impoverishment, the dizzying decline of the standard, the increased debt, the new borrowings that you are trying to make and all the failures that are happening to the Republic of Macedonia in the past few months under your leadership and the past few years under the leadership of SDSM,” said opposition spokesperson Arsovski.

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