Let’s hold elections, if SDSM is not afraid, it should accept a leaders’ meeting and agree on a date


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, during his visit to the construction works in Gevgelija, answered a media question regarding the announced active blockade decided yesterday by the Executive Committee of his party, as well as the accusations by the government that says this blockade is some kind of an order.

Mickoski said that in the past he showed that he is not prone to orders or pressure and that they, SDSM know what it is like to receive orders from a city near Gevgelija, from a well-known family.

“They may work on that principle of orders, but VMRO-DPMNE works exclusively for the interests of the citizens and the interests of Macedonia and will continue to do so. What we brought yesterday as a conclusion at the EC session, is practically a reaction to the action of the government and for all further consequences the government will be the one responsible because I personally and VMRO-DPMNE many times in the past hundred days have called for community, we called for a dialogue to sit down to talk about the problems, to hold snap parliamentary elections, so if they are really so strong, if they say that the people love them, they will declassify us in those early elections and will have a clear mandate of four years to implement the policies that they say the people support, at least they say in their party statements. The only way to check if what they write in the statements is to go to the polls, to be encouraged and to see if Mickoski was afraid or SDSM is afraid. Here I am not afraid, I say let’s sit down and talk face to face, let’ s go to the elections, I do not have a confirmed answer from that side, so the only one who will be responsible from now on for everything that will happen in Macedonia is the leadership of SDSM and SDSM itself,” said Mickoski.


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