Macedonian language is our basic human right, right to self-determination and self-expression


Today we pay tribute to our uniqueness, our identity foundation and linguistic pride – the Macedonian language. The language of Koneski, Shopov, Janevski and all creators of the Macedonian literary word is a mirror of originality. It is also our basic human right, the right to self-determination and self-expression, President Stevo Pendarovski said on May 5 – Macedonian Language Day.

The Macedonian language, Pendarovski says, is affirmed in the world, has its own place in the Slavic language family, thanks to the generations before us who owed us to nurture it through its alphabet.

“We must never forget the struggle of our ancestors to prove the uniqueness of the Macedonian language and the right to use it which was difficult and exhausting. It is no less easy today, facing new, imposed challenges, but in the spirit of European values ​​and our principle of respecting diversity, we will continue to emphasize our sacred mark, our otherness, our identity pillar. The centuries-old written tradition they left us is the greatest testimony to the uniqueness of the Macedonian language,” says Pendarovski in his address.


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