Mickoski is right when he asks for guarantees from Bulgaria, claims Pendarovski


Mickoski is correct and right when he says that he will not endorse the inclusion of Bulgarians to the Constitution if there is no guarantee for N. Macedonia, said President Stevo Pendarovski for Kanal 5 TV’s “Only Interview”.

Pendarovski said that if Bulgaria says they want a change in the Constitution, they should say in the same way that they will commit not to seek a new request.

“If you tell me that we want the rights of Bulgarians in Macedonia to be guaranteed, I have no problem with that, but in what way. They think that it should be at the very beginning, that we should change the Constitution and that should be the biggest guarantee for them, I think that is a type of blackmail. And in that part we should be honest and admit that the Macedonian opposition has a correct position. The government and the opposition have an identical position for guarantees,” said Pendarovski.


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